Shankarachi Aarti | शंकराची आरती – लवथवती विक्राळा ब्रह्मांडी माळा

In Hinduism Aarti is performed after completion of puja. Lord Ganesh is worshipped first in any ritual or puja. So Ganesh Aarti is performed first, after that Kuladaivata (कुलदैवत) Aarti and finally the Aarti of the god whose puja is being performed is sung. In Marathi, Shiv Aarti is known as ‘Shankarachi Aarti‘. Lavthavti Vikrala … Read more

Shiv Aarti | शिव जी की आरती – ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Aarti is a ritual performed in the Hinduism as a part of puja. In aarti, light (usually a flame) is offered to deities along with reciting the devotional hymn. Aarti is a song sung to praise the deity. Aarti word is actually derived from Sanskrit word ‘aratrika’, that means something that removes the darkness. Shiv … Read more

Shiv Chalisa in Tamil | ஷிவ் சாலிசா [Download PDF]

Shiv Chalisa is the devotional hymn dedicated to the Lord Shiva who is one of the supreme deity of Hinduism. Reciting mantra, stotra and chalisa gives you amazing benefits like good physical and mental health, good wealth and many more. These mantra, stotra and chalisa have been proved (Siddha) by ancient sages for the betterment … Read more

Shiv Chalisa in Bengali | শিব চালিসা [Download PDF]

Lord Shiva is one of the supreme deities of Hindu religion. People of Hindu religion from all around world worship Lord Shiva with full dedication. If you are facing issues in life and feeling lonely then you must worship the Lord Shiva. You can visit the nearest temple of Lord Shiva. You can recite Shiv … Read more

Shiv Chalisa in Gujrati | શિવ ચાલીસા ગુજરાતીમાં [Download PDF]

Shiv Chalisa (શિવ ચાલીસા) is a devotional hymn of the Lord Shiva. We have already made Shiv Chalisa available in Hindi and English Language. But most of the people living in the western state of India which is Gujrat wants to read Shiv Chalisa in Gujrati Lyrics. So to make it convenient and readable for … Read more

Shiv Chalisa In English – Lyrics With Meaning and PDF

In Hinduism there are mantra and chalisa dedicated to every god and goddess. But most of the people are not aware of this. We only know about Hanuman Chalisa as it is very famous and mostly recited by people. Shiv Chalisa is recited to worship the Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu scriptures and religion, … Read more

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi | शिव चालीसा हिंदी (PDF + MP3)

Shiv Chalisa (शिव चालीसा) is a devotional stotra dedicated to one of the supreme being of Shaivism and Hinduism Lord Shiva. It is recited to worship the Lord Shiva. Chalisa means fourty (40). Shri Shiv Chalisa consists of 40 verses dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is composed and written by the Saint Ayodhyadas according to … Read more

Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in English [Download PDF 2023]

Shiv Tandav Stotram is the stotra composed by the Ravana who was the powerful demon king of Lanka. It is a hymn that describes the power and the beauty of the Lord Shiva who is one of the principal god of Hinduism. It is very powerful stotra that is composed in Sanskrit. In this article … Read more

Shiv Tandav Stotram | रावण रचित शिव तांडव स्तोत्र

Lord Shiva who is also known as “Mahadeva” is one of the principal gods of Hinduism. There are different traditions in Hinduism, one of them is Shaivism and Lord Shiva is the supreme being of Shaivism. As we know there is a trinity in Hinduism called “Trimurti” which includes three supreme gods. Lord Shiva is … Read more

हनुमान जी के 108 नाम – जपिए हर मंगलवार और देखें चमत्कार

भगवान हनुमान यह हिंदू धर्म में पुजने जाने वाले देवताओ में से एक है | हनुमान जी देवी अंजना तथा वानरराज केसरी के पुत्र थे | हनुमान जी स्वयं देवो के देव भगवान भोले शंकर के ११ वें रुद्र अवतार है | हनुमान जी को बचपन से मारुती नाम से पुकारा जाता था | श्री … Read more