Maruti Stotra in English [Lyrics + Benefits] Download PDF

Today, we will discuss the Hanuman Maruti Stotra in English and its benefits. The Hanuman Stotra was written by Samarth Ramdas in the 17th century. This Stotra is to impress the Lord Hanuman and get blessings from him. There are 17 shlokas in this Stotra. All shlokas are dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Go through this … Read more

Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam [हनुमान जी के चमत्कारी नाम और उनके फायदे]

As a devotee of the Lord Hanuman, it is a must to know and recite all Hanuman Ji Ke 12 Naam. We have given all 12 names of the Lord hanuman below in this post. We have also written the benefits of chanting all names of the Lord Hanuman daily. हनुमान जी के अलग-अलग नामों … Read more