Shiv Chalisa In English – Lyrics With Meaning and PDF

In Hinduism there are mantra and chalisa dedicated to every god and goddess. But most of the people are not aware of this. We only know about Hanuman Chalisa as it is very famous and mostly recited by people. Shiv Chalisa is recited to worship the Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu scriptures and religion, Lord Shiva is known as the “The Destroyer“. For the well being of mankind the sages have received the “siddhi” from god and they have given these mantras to mankind. We have already discussed the Shiv Chalisa in Hindi, here we have translated in English. So let’s see Shiv Chalisa in English.

According to Hindu Scriptures Shiv Chalisa is taken from the Shiv Puran and Shiv Chalisa is composed by the Saint Ayodhyadas. Originally both Shiv Chalisa and Shiv Puran are composed in Sanskrit language. Shiv Chalisa consists of 40 verses dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you read the Shiv Chalisa daily, you will receive many benefits. In this article you will get the Shiv Chalisa in english text.

Shiv Chalisa Lyrics in English

Shiv Chalisa Lyrics in English

॥ Dohaa ॥

Jai Ganesh Girija Suvan Mangal Mul Sujan।
Kahat Ayodhya Das Tum Dev Abhaya Varadan ॥

Meaning – Glory to Lord Ganesh, the Divine Son of Goddess Girija, the cause of all auspiciousness and intelligence. Ayodha Dass (the composer of these verses) humbly requests that every one be blessed with the boon of being fearless.

॥ Chaupai ॥

jai girija pati dinadayala। sada karat santan pratipala ॥
bhala chandrama sohat nike kanan। kundal nagaphani ke ॥

Meaning – O Glorious Lord, consort of Parvati You are most merciful . You always bless the poor and pious devotees. Your beautiful form is adorned with the moon on Your forehead and on your ears are earrings of snakes’ hood.

anga gaur shira ganga bahaye। mundamala tan chhara lagaye ॥
vastra khala baghambar sohain chhavi। ko dekha naga muni mohain ॥

Meaning – The holy Ganges flows from your matted hair. The saints and sages are attracted by Your splendid appearance. Around Your neck is a garland of skulls. White ash beautifies Your Divine form and clothing of lion’s skin adorns Your body.

maina matu ki havai dulari। vama anga sohat chhavi nyari ॥
kara trishul sohat chhavi bhari karat। sada shatrun chhayakari ॥

Meaning – O Lord, the beloved daughter of Maina on Your left adds to Your splendid appearance. O Wearer of the lion’s skin, the trishul in Your hand destroys all enemies.

nandi ganesh sohain tahan kaise। sagar madhya kamal hain jaise ॥
kartik shyam aur ganara-u ya chhavi। ko kahi jata na kauo ॥

Meaning – Nandi and Shri Ganesh along with Lord Shiva appear as beautiful as two lotuses in the middle of an ocean.Poets and philosophers cannot describe the wonderful appearance of Lord Kartikeya and the dark complexioned Ganas (attendants).

devan jabahi jaya pukara। tabahi dukha prabhu apa nivara ॥
kiya upadrav tarak bhari devan sab mili। tumahi juhari ॥

Meaning – O Lord, whenever the Deities humbly sought Your assistance, You kindly and graciously uprooted all their problems. You blessed the Deities with Your generous help when the demon Tarak outraged them and You destroyed him.

turata shadanana apa pathayau। lava-ni-mesh mahan mari girayau ॥
apa jalandhara asura sanhara suyash। tumhara vidit sansara ॥

Meaning – O Lord, You sent Shadanan without delay and thus destroyed the evil ones Lava and Nimesh. You also destroyed the demon Jalandhara. Your renown is known throughout the world.

tripurasur sana yudha machayi। sabhi kripakar lina bachayi ॥
kiya tapahin bhagiratha bhari purva। pratigya tasu purari ॥

Meaning – O Lord, Purari, You saved all Deities and mankind by defeating and destroying the demons Tripurasura. You blessed Your devotee Bhagirath and he was able to accomplish his vow after rigorous penance.

danin mahan tum sama kou nahin। sevak astuti karat sadahin ॥
veda nam mahima tab gayaee akatha। anandi bhed nahin payee ॥

Meaning – O Gracious One, devotees always sing Your glory. Even the Vedas are unable to describe Your greatness. No one is as generous as You.

pragate udadhi mantan men jvala। jarat sura-sur bhaye vihala ॥
kinha daya tahan kari sahayee। nilakantha tab nam kahayee ॥

Meaning – Lord, when the ocean was churned and the deadly poison emerged, out of Your deep compassion for all, You drank the poison and saved the world from destruction. Your throat became blue, thus You are known as Nilakantha.

pujan ramchandra jab kinha। jiti ke lanka vibhishan dinhi ॥
sahas kamal men ho rahe dhari kinha। pariksha tabahin purari ॥ 20

Meaning – When Lord Rama worshipped You, He became victorious over the king of demons, Ravan. When Lord Rama wished to worship Thee with one thousand lotu flowers, the Divine Mother, to test the devotion of Shri Ram, hid all the flowers at Your request.

ek kamal prabhu rakheu joi। kushal-nain pujan chaha soi ॥
kathin bhakti dekhi prabhu shankar। bhaye prasanna diye-ichchhit var ॥

Meaning – O Lord, You kept on looking at Shri Ram, who wished to offer His lotus-like eyes to worship Thee. When You observed such intense devotion, You were delighted and blessed Him. You granted His heart’s desire.

jai jai jai anant avinashi। karat kripa sabake ghat vasi ॥
dushta sakal nit mohin satavai। bhramat rahe mohin chain na avai ॥

Meaning – Glory be unto You O Gracious, Infinite, Immortal, All-pervading Lord. Evil thoughts torture me and I keep on travelling aimlessly in this world of mundane existence. No relief seems to be coming my way.

trahi-trahi main nath pukaro। yahi avasar mohi ana ubaro ॥
lai trishul shatrun ko maro। sankat se mohin ana ubaro ॥

Meaning – O Lord! I beseech Your help and seel your divine blessing at this very moment. Save and protect me. Destroy my enemies with Your Trishul. Release me from the torture of evil thoughts.

mata pita bhrata sab hoi। sankat men puchhat nahin koi ॥
svami ek hai asha tumhari। ava harahu aba sankat bhari ॥

Meaning – O Lord, when I am in distress, neither my parents, brothers, sisters nor loved ones can relieve my suffering. I depend only on You. You are my hpe. Eliminate the cause of this tremendous torture and bless me with Your compassion.

dhan nirdhan ko deta sadahin। jo koi janche so phal pahin ॥
astuti kehi vidhi karai tumhari। kshamahu nath aba chuka hamari ॥ 30

Meaning – O Lord, You bless the down-trodden with prosperity and grant wisdom to the ignorant. Lord, due to my limited knowledge, I omitted to worship Thee. Please forgive me and shower Your grace upon me.

shankar ho sankat ke nishan। vighna vinashan mangal karan ॥
yogi yati muni dhyan lagavan। sharad narad shisha navavain ॥

Meaning – O Lord Shankar, You are the destroyer of all miseries. You remove the cause of all obstacles and grant Your devotees eternal bliss. The saints ans sages meditate upon Thy most beautiful form. Even celestial beings like Sharad and Narad bow in reverence to You.

namo namo jai namah shivaya। sura brahmadik par na paya ॥
jo yah patha karai man lai। tapar hota hai shambhu sahayee ॥

Meaning – O Lord, prostrations to You. Even Brahma is unable to describe Thy greatness. Whosoever recites these verses with faith and devotion receives Your infinite blessings.

riniyan jo koi ho adhikari। patha karai so pavan hari ॥
putra-hin ichchha kar koi। nischaya shiva prasad tehin hoi ॥

Meaning– Devotees who chant these verses with intense love become prosperous by the grace of Lord Shiva. Even the childless wishing to have children, have their desires fulfilled after partaking of Shiva-prasad with faith and devotion.

pandit trayodashi ko lavai। dhyan-purvak homa karavai ॥
trayodashi vrat kare hamesha। tan nahin take rahe kalesha ॥

Meaning – On Trayodashi (13th day of the dark and bright fortnights) one should invite a pandit and devotely make offerings to Lord Shiva. Those who fast and pray to Lord Shiva on Trayodashi are always healthy and prosperous.

dhupa dipa naivedya charhavai। anta vasa shivapur men pavai ॥
kahai ayodhya asha tumhari। jani sakal dukha harahu hamari ॥

Meaning – Whosoever offers incense, prasad and performs arti to Lord Shiva, with love and devotion, enjoys material happiness and spiritual bliss in this world and hereafter ascends to the abode of Lord Shiva. The poet prays that Lord Shiva removed the suffering of all and grants them eternal bliss.

॥ Dohaa ॥

nitya nema kari pratahi। patha karau chalis ॥
tum meri man kamana। purna karahu jagadish ॥

Meaning – O Universal Lord, every morning as a rule I recite this Chalisa with devotion. Please bless me so that I may be able to accomplish my material and spiritual desires.

How To Read And Recite Shiv Chalisa

If you recite the Shiv Chalisa daily then you will receive amazing benefits. You will get the blessings from Lord Shiva. But there are some rules that needs to be followed by the person reciting it. Shiv Chalisa is very powerful hymn and if you are reciting it in a wrong way then you will not get the benefit that you should have got. So before you recite it make sure to read the rules given below.

  • You should recite Shiv Chalisa in the early morning after taking the bath.
  • Seat on the ground and facing in the east direction.
  • Use Dhoop, Deep, White flowers and Sandalwood to worship Lord Shiva.
  • Light a lamp of pure ghee of cow before recitation
  • To purify the house, while reciting, keep pure water in a vessel and after completing the recitation of Shiv Chalisa, sprinkle the water of the urn in the whole house. You yourself also use that water.
  • Do not bring any bad thoughts in your mind while reciting and meditate on Lord Shiva with full devotion.

Importance or Benefits of Shiv Chalisa

If you are feeling demotivated and depressed, start reciting Shiv Chalisa daily. You will get many benefits from it. You will be free from evil things and thoughts.

  • Reciting Shiv Chalisa on every Monday of Sawan month is beneficial.
  • Reciting Shiv Chalisa removes all the troubles and obstacles in your life.
  • Your health remains good and no matter how big the disease is, it will be cured.
  • Pregnant women should also recite Shiv Chalisa.
  • Lord Shiva is also called Bholenath because he listens to the prayers of his devotees quickly. That’s why recite Shiv Chalisa with all your heart, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Shiv Chalisa Lyrics in English PDF Download

We already discussed the amazing benefits of reciting Shiv Chalisa on the daily basis. So to make it convenient for you, we are giving the PDF file of the same. So that you can read and recite it daily. Click on download button to download Shiv Chalisa english pdf.

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